McEachran Homestead is proud to offer our own line of grape and fruit wines. Our wines are hand-crafted in small batches with professionalism and attention to detail to create a refreshing taste that reflects the country and northern Illinois wine. We grow our own grapes on our 2-acre vineyard, while our fruit wines are made from some of our own fruit as well as fruit grown locally.

We’re sure there is a McEachran Homestead wine to fit your special occasion.  Here are some of the wines we bottle:

Ae Fond Kiss
This white blend of Niagara and Reliance grapes offers a kiss with a kick. Serve chilled for a sweeter, smoother wine; serve at 70°F for a delicious extra kick!

Brianna                                                                                                  A semi-sweet white with tropical tones.

Wisconsin fruit crafted into a delicious holiday treat.

Duke of Argyle
Made from King of the North grape, this is a semi-sweet, medium-bodied, ruby red wine.

Edelweiss                                                                                           Just as the song goes: Smooth & White, Clean & Bright.

A full-bodied, semi-sweet deep red wine with a richness that makes this a choice for any wonderful occasion.

La Crescent
The La Crescent grape produces a clean refreshing wine that has a unique apricot, peach and citrus taste with wonderful aromatics.

La Crosse                                                                                              A crisp light citrusy white.

Leon Millot                                                                                           A medium-bodied red wine with distinct berry flavors.

Maréchal Foch
A medium-bodied sweet wine. Serve at 55 °F.

A velvety, semi-sweet red, made from the Marquette grape. Serve room temp, or warm it up and add spices—Marquette makes a great base for a mulled wine!

Outer Space Red
A fruity rosé made from the Mars grape.

Red Raspberry
Our farm-grown fruit in a sweet, smooth libation; serve chilled.

St. Pepin
Made from a white grape of the same name, this white wine has a refreshing fruity flavor that has similar characteristics to a Riesling.

A blush wine made from the Steuben grape with a light tannin finish. Serve at 66°F.

Made from the farm’s own strawberries and rhubarb, a delicious treat, just as good as grandma’s strawberry-rhubarb pie.

Triple Berry                                                                                         A sweet and delicious blueberry wine blend with red raspberry and blackberry.

Valiant                                                                                                  A delicious sweet red blend of Valiant, Bluebell, Mars and Concord grapes.

At this time, our wine is only available to buy on-site. Please call (815) 978-5120 to see what’s available!

We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash, and Discover.  We do accept checks as well.