The McEachran Homestead was settled in 1857 by John McEachran, the great-great-grandfather of Herbert Greenlee, the current owner. Old John immigrated to northern Illinois from Scotland and settled in what was known then as the Argyle Scottish Settlement. The McEachran Homestead is officially recognized by the State of Illinois as a Sesquicentennial Farm.

Pencil drawing of McEachran Homestead done by Professor William Stanley, circa 1910.

The original farm of 160 acres has been expanded to 285 acres with corn and soybeans as the main crops. Eleven acres are dedicated to 19 varieties of grapes, raspberries, and fruit trees, all of which are meticulously tended, then hand-crafted into cold-climate grape and fruit wines.

Aerial view of McEachran Homestead.

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