Wedding/Reception FAQ

What services do you provide as my wedding/reception venue? Do you have an events coordinator to help with my big day?

We work hard to provide a beautiful space as a venue – with staff that goes out of their way to make you and your guests feel welcome. An events coordinator will be on hand to assist with the details.

Can I bring in a caterer?
Yes. If a caterer is utilized, then we ask that it be liscensed and insured through the state of Illinois. Otherwise, all food brought onto the premises must come through the rentee.

How many guests can you accommodate? Do you have parking available?
For an indoor event in our barn, the upstairs loft has tables and chairs for ~60 people (please note: there is no air conditioning). Our gravel lot by the barn is devoted to winery customers, during regular hours, but don’t worry we have plenty of parking at other designated areas on the homestead.

My event won’t fit inside – can I put up a tent outside on the grounds?
Yes, we have had numerous weddings/receptions involving tents. You are free to rent one from the business of your choice; we would just ask that you coordinate with us regarding when it would be set up and taken down (dates/times).

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Is there a bridal suite or somewhere for the bride, groom, and bridal party to get ready?
We do not have a bridal suite, per se, but the upstairs loft of our barn has been used in the past by brides as a getting-ready space.

Do you have tables and chairs available to use?
Rental cost would include tables and chairs for indoor barn events only, as they are not equipped for outdoor use. We have seven 5-foot round tables, which seat 8 per table, six 6-foot banquet tables, two 8-foot banquet tables, and ~60chairs. Note: if you want all chairs exactly matching (we have a couple different styles), you’d need to buy or rent your own. North Park Rental is one business that our clients have used in the past, and they actually offer a lot of items, from chairs and tables to linens, etc.

Are restrooms available for my event?
Any wedding/reception small enough to be held in the barn has use of the barn’s single indoor restroom and new outdoor restrooms. Clients who book an outdoor event only also have use of the barn’s restrooms.

Are there any hotels or reception spaces nearby?
There are certainly some in the area, and of course it depends how far you and your guests want to travel. The 173 corridor is nearby (10-15 min-drive), as is I-90 (the 173 exit), which would get your guests to Rockford in 18 minutes. There are plenty of options for both receptions and hotels there, including at least half a dozen hotels right around the State St. exit.

Are there time restrictions for my event?
As stated previously, we are a winery first and will be open to the public during our regular business hours. You are welcome to book, say, a Saturday afternoon wedding; simply please be advised that we may have customers coming and going during your event. Also, because our owner lives on the grounds, we respectfully ask that events are over by 11 p.m.

On your site it states, “rental charges shall begin upon occupancy of the grounds regardless of the scheduled start time of your event,” so that includes the moment we step on the grounds to set up to the second we leave after taking pictures, correct?
Exactly right. Whatever set time you designate for you & your bridal party’s arrival (whether you are dressing and getting ready here or doing your photographs here before the ceremony) is when your charges begin. However, we do include an hour in the rental agreement for setting up the event free of charge. We’d just ask that you coordinate with us when you will decorate/set up, as we may have something else going on. We’re happy to work with you to find a time that works for everyone.

Can I make an appointment to come visit the grounds?
Of course! We encourage you to make an appointment with our events coordinator – you are welcome to come visit us any time. Our normal business hours are Monday-Saturday, 11am-5pm. However, we do shorten our hours over the winter and extend them during summer; you may want to call or check the website or our Facebook page before heading out – occasionally we close early.

How early should I book my event?
There is no set time table regarding availability, nor is there a waitlist for dates. We operate under a first-come-first-serve basis. Some events are booked a couple of months in advance; others, specifically weddings during the Fall harvests, are booked a year in advance. Give us a call to check on availability (815)978-5120.